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Team Finland network at your service

We will assist you in planning your company's internationalisation, or help with practical issues. 

Team Finland network organisations advice companies seeking for internationalisation and growth. Here are examples of our services. 

Internationalisation services and sparring

Business Finland will advice and coach your company and analyse its internationalisation potential.Business Finland also offers advice on internationalisation in cooperation with the ELY Centres, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Finnish diplomatic missions, Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce, and as regards the Enterprise Europe Network, with the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Turku Science Park.

Advice is provided on the planning and implementation of international business and troubleshooting.

Cooperative Viexpo advises and serves companies of all industries in various stages of the export path as part of the Team Finland network and as the internationalization unit of the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment ( ELY) in Ostrobothnia. Their special strength is export advice, which aims to the global markets through the Nordic countries.

Further information of these free-of-charge services are available in Business FinlandEnterprise Europe Network and Viexpo websites.

SME Export Finance Programme

Finnvera's SME Export Finance Programme for Finnish small and medium-sized enterprises aims to improve firms' know-how on export finance. The programme is also suitable for larger companies in need of basic information on export finance.

The programme is implemented in close cooperation with banks operating in Finland. A one-day Export Finance Workshop is held for selected participants based on collaboration between Finnvera and the bank chosen by the company. Companies will gain tools for financing exports, for use when drawing up offers. The emphasis is on actual export transactions and solutions for financing them. Companies can participate in training provided by partners, Management Institute of Finland MIF (formerly Fintra) and International Chamber of Commerce ICC.

This programme is free of charge, with the exception of training provided by Finnvera's partners. Any financing granted by Finnvera will be charged for at a rate corresponding to the risk involved.

Advisory services in target markets

 Developing countries

  • Finnpartnership provides free of charge advisory services on business operations in developing countries.


  • The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC) provides Finnish companies with free advice for all stages of business in Russian trade: charting markets, starting exports, establishing a company and operating on the Russian market. Free service is also provided for exports to Russia, such as advice by experts in Russian markets, the evaluation and development of market potential and distribution channels, seeking contacts, help with negotiations, advice on how to establish a company (legal aspects, HR, financial management, local customs and business culture), monitoring the business environment, generating market potential and sales leads, and implementing Team Finland growth programmes in Russia. Services for which the FRCC charges a fee at cost price include Team Finland visits to various parts of Russia, event management arrangements on the turnkey basis, current reviews and seminars, Russian trade publications and auxiliary services for operations (e.g. premises, interpreters). The FRCC also advises companies by phone.


  • The Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce provides advice for Finnish companies on all aspects of operating in the Swedish market. Basic advice is provided free of charge.
    Coaching for export service provided by the Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce coaches companies on launching exports to Sweden. In addition, your main competitors' customers, purchasing channels, strategies and price levels will be charted. This service is subject to a fee. The price depends on the scope of the service.
    You can contact directly Kjell Skoglund, Managing Director, tel. +358 40 560 39 22 or kjell.skoglund(at)

Shipping manual

The Shipping Manual by Business Finland is a comprehensive handbook in Finnish, tailored to meet the information needs of Finnish exporters. The Handbook includes customised information on the import regulations and document requirements of 190 export countries. Its content is continuously updated in Finnish, and it is free of charge for digital use. The Shipping Manual's content is based on material collected from the authorities of various countries, trade journals, databases, Business Finland global network and Finnish missions. Other Nordic export promotion organisations also participate in the related information exchange.

IPR advice, information, training and search services (patents, trademarks, designs)

The Finnish Patent and Registration Office (PRH) offers general advice on issues relating to patents, trademarks and designs. Companies are advised in how they can use international, regional or national search systems to ensure their intellectual property rights abroad. The PRH will assist in the selection of suitable IPR protection.

The PRH's training services include IPR seminars, training events, courses and other events, which allow companies to deepen their know-how and develop their business operations.

Advice on the use of patent, trademark and design databases is also available. The PRH's information services help companies that need information on registered IPRs – trademarks, designs, utility models and patents. The IPR information services are available online 24/7.

Companies can complement their background search with PRH's search services. PRH experts can, for example, help determine whether a technical solution developed by the company is new and patentable, follow the patenting process of the competitors, reduce the risk of patent violations, and determine the existence of patents that could hamper the commercial utilisation of the company's product.

The advice and information services are provided free of charge. Some of the training services are free of charge, while some are subject to a fee. Search services are additional services provided upon request for a fee.