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Tools for export and internationalisation

Check out the digital service channels provided by the Team Finland network. These tools help your company find collaboration opportunities and access target markets better.

About the digital services

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Team Finland actors Business Finland, Finnvera plc, ELY Centres (incl. The Enterprise Finland telephone service and Financial counselling for entrepreneurs), TE Services, and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs can combine their efforts to help your company. Based on the information you provide, your contact request will be directed to a Team Finland actor that best suits your needs. This contact channel is only for Finnish companies. The information you provide is confidential.

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Team Finland Market Opportunities

  • Sales leads provide information about foreign companies searching for suppliers for a particular product or service. We help Finnish companies initiate discussions about launching cooperation.
  • Business opportunities indicate broader business opportunities in various markets opened up by market changes.
  • Future watch provides information about possible changes in the business environment in various countries over a period of 2–5 years.
  • Country outlook examines the market situation and political situation in individual countries.

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Country classification map

Being familiar with the economic and political situation in the export country is crucial for successful exports, and it also affects financing. The map presents the situation in every country in the world and shows the contact details of Finnvera's contact person, with whom you can discuss the export destination country and financing in more detail.

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Foreign trade & country information

The Foreign trade & country information service by the Finland Chamber of Commerce provides the key information on exports and imports. The fee-based service comprises three publications:

  • Viennin maatieto (Country information for exports)
  • Kuljetus, huolinta ja tullaus (Transport, forwarding, and customs clearance)
  • Ulkomaankaupan asiakirjat ja maksutavat (Foreign trade documents and payment methods)

Viennin maatieto contains information on the required export documents, export restrictions and sanctions, free trade agreements concluded by the EU and the related certificates of origin, product-specific certification requirements, and packaging and labelling regulations of almost 200 countries. Export companies can use the country page to quickly view information about their destination country in one place, facilitating the practical matters of exporting. The page also contains many links with additional information and useful contact details. The publication is updated continuously, and subscribers can get personal counselling if necessary.

The other two publications in the service package offer, for example, practical advice on international transport as well as information on delivery clauses, imports, payment methods, and general terms and conditions. English contract templates are also included.

Read more about the service is a nationwide fee-based service provided by the Finnish Chambers of Commerce, through which you can apply for the EU's general certificates of origin (non-preferential Certificate of Origin) and certifications for foreign trade documents such as sales invoices. The applications are processed by accredited staff in regional Chambers of Commerce in accordance with the valid service price list.

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