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Information about the award

The Internationalisation Award of the President of the Republic is a recognition granted each year to Finnish companies that have gained international success, and to the communities behind them. Since 2015, the proposal on companies and communities to be recognized has been made by the Board of Directors of Team Finland.

Team Finland collects proposals on companies and communities deserving of the award and evaluates them during the autumn. Team Finland's Board of Directors then presents its proposal on award-winners to the President of the Republic. The award is granted by the President of the Republic. 

2023 awards

Neural DSP Technologies

Newcomer 2023: Neural DSP Technologies

Kuusakoski Group

Growth Company 2023: Kuusakoski Group


AGCO Corporation
Long-term International Investor 2023: ACGO Corporation

Community Award 2023: EnergyVaasa

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Award granted already since 1967