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About Team Finland

Team Finland network provides businesses with a smooth service chain, ranging from advice services to funding. The network offers tailor-made service packages for companies' internationalisation needs based on the services provided by the network actors.

Team Finland service packages typically bring together services provided at least by centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Business Finland, Finnvera and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Team Finland network organisations

The network consists of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Business Finland (Finpro and Tekes merged), Finnvera, Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment), Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, Finnish Patent and Registration Office, EastCham Finland, Finnish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finnfund, Finnpartnership, Climate Fund and Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes.

Team Finland globally

Abroad, the Team Finland network is represented by more than 80 local teams. Each local team gathers together the Finnish authorities, publicly funded organisations, and other central actors representing Finland in the particular region. In Finland, an important part of the Team Finland network consists of the 18 local teams in the forthcoming counties.


Executive group

The network’s activities are guided by an executive group that gathers the central Team Finland organisations and business representatives round the same table. The executive group is responsible for the operational development and reforming of the Team Finland activities and for ensuring that businesses have access to seamless and smooth service packages.


TBC, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment


Director-General Nina Kopola, Business Finland


Chief Policy Advisor Paavali Kukkonen, Confederation of Finnish Industries
(substitute: Director Timo Vuori)

CEO Pauli Heikkilä, Finnvera oyj
(substitute: Executive Vice President Juuso Heinilä)

State Secretary Minna-Mari Kaila, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland
(substitute: Director General Tuula Packalen)

Director, International Affairs, Päivi Pohjanheimo, The Finland Chamber of Commerce
(substitute: Project Manager Asta Kouri)

Director-General Jaana Korhonen, Kainuu ELY Centre 
(substitute: Director Mika Sievi-Korte, Pirkanmaa ELY Centre)

Director Harri Jaskari, Federation of Finnish Enterprises
(substitute: Chief Economist Juhana Brotherus)

Director of International Relations Jaana Palojärvi, Ministry of Education and Culture

Under-Secretary of State for International Trade, Jarno Syrjälä, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland


Director Risto Vuohelainen, Business Finland
Ministerial Adviser Mari Hakkarainen, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
Counsellor Miia Rantanen, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland


Director Marjo Ilmari, Business Finland